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Friends Only!

Welcome to calumfan's Live Journal.

I am going to be Friends Only as of right now because I post a lot of things regarding my personal life plus, as this is my journal, I don't feel like having anyone trolling or causing trouble.

I don't mind friending people at all so please feel free to leave a comment to be added :)

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Christmas Cards Request List

TIme to dust off the old LJ here and set up my master list for Christmas Cards.

I failed last year and got none out. This year will be different


Please reply here with your address. All comments are screened.

Cheers and Happy Holidays
tony steve and thor

I haz a big sad

Hello and long time no speak.

Real life has been kicking my arse so that I've pretty much only been able to keep up with Twitter.

I endeavor to do better now that the Summer and family vacations are winding down.

For now, I am very very sad.

This is my lovely dog Jack

He went to the vet today to have oral surgery as his mouth and teeth had an infection.

While he was under the meds, the vet felt his spleen and discovered it to be hard and enlarged.

She ultra sounded it and found that there seems to be a mass of some type in his spleen. It could be a hematoma or it could be cancerous, they won't know unless they remove it. Either way it's dangerous and potentially deadly.

THey wanted to remove it while he was out but the oral surgery was already $326 and I didn't have an additional $750 to remove his spleen

I feel like an ass because I can't afford to do this for my puppy.

Ive been an emotional wreck.

Shannon retired and surprise, surprise! We didn't get paid mid-month as I'm used to. THis fucking sucks.

Anywho, Jack is home now and feeling good. We are trying to re-arrange some finances (luckily our trip to Vegas has been long paid for) so we can get Jack in ASAP.

Pardon my whine but things really suck right now. My pets are as much my children as my human son is.

I promise to try to post some happy news and pictures soon.

I love and have missed you all!
tony steve and thor

Poll regarding the "presents" included in your card

If you've given me your address for a Christmas Card, would you mind terribly taking a moment and filling out this poll?

I want to cater (as much as possible) to all my Friends and give you all a choice on what theme and "gifts" you would like with your card.

I'm running on limited time, I'd like to have these in the mail by Saturday.

Please note that on Question #1 and #3 you can answer multiple times.

PS-I lost my address book so if I had your address last year, I don't have it anymore!

Comments are screened, leave your address if I don't have it already


Poll #1309034 Special Gift With Christmas Card :)

Which Men would you like as an extra special holiday treat? (Check all that apply)

Hugh Laurie
Hugh in Tux
Hugh with Tongue
Alan Rickman
Colonel Brandon
Severus Snape
Hans Gruber
Jason Isaacs
Lucius Malfoy
Other (leave in comments, I may be able to do something)

Which Holiday theme would you like?

Hugh Laurie/House
Harry Potter/Jason&Alan

Did you remember to give me your address?

Yes of course DUH!
Oh Shit! No but I'll leave it now
Ticky Ticky Ticky Box, umm wait, did you say something?
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Cuteness Overload!

Today is Picture Day for Mikey at school. He was so adorable this morning I had to take pictures and share. We've been practicing on his smile for the camera. He now says "Eeeeez" and slams his eyes shut. It's hilarious.

SO now I'm going to share some Mommy gushing my baby boy is my whole world.

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PS-Waking up at 5:50 to pray to the porcelain god. NOT COOL
tony steve and thor

An update plus a picspam of family love and a silly one by request

Hi Everyone *waves*

I suppose I should get started, there's some updates on a number of things plus I have my Family Vacation Picspam and one that is rather silly that the lovelies from hpcon_envy will love as requested by the lovely and never duplicated lulabelle72

1) Went to the doctor today. Got some good news for once!

My gall bladder is all right!!!

-Yes I breathed a sigh of relief with that one. The doc then asked if my hernia still hurts, which it does, just not as painful as before.

-I'm scheduled for surgery towards the end of next month.

-I'd be lying if I didn't say I was frightened but somehow the thought of no longer having this pain in my belly button and being able to work out again trumps all!

2) I'm taking my cat Sonic to the vet tomorrow. He's about 12 years old and has been dropping weight like crazy in the past couple of months. He eats and goes potty regularly so I'm worried.

-My Veternarian training (of which I have none) tells me that Sonic has Hyperthyroidism. Tomorrow they are going to run a Geriatric Check on him (who knew there was such a thing lol)

3) Mikey started school today, he's officially in Kindergarten!!

-He did really, really well. I was complimented on how aware and attentive he was today. THis is a big deal because one of Mikey's major educational goals is to get him to sit still and attend to a task for longer than 10 seconds!

-He showed me today that he can not only operate a computer but that he also nows how to point and click with a mouse. Plus he can play "Memory" on the computer with Upper and Lower case letters. I wanted to cry, i was so proud of him!

4) OK on with the Scott Family Picspam and vacation update. (Try to ignore the few pictures of me, I am horrified at myself but am making progress on getting my body back to where it should be)


My Boys


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5) FInally, for my hpcon_envy gals, here's some Ticky Box p0rn in picture form as requested:


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tony steve and thor

Friend List and Community Cut

I've come to the point where I am just so behind in reading LJ that I need to make some cuts and revert back to "Friends Only" status

Some communities I don't pay attention to anymore and members of my F-list who are inactive or that in the past year I've kind of lost touch with.

My LJ existence has evolved so much since I started it last February. I have opened up myself beyond the House MD fandom. There really aren't enough hours in the day to keep up with everything and everyone.

By a4lem

By wicked_visions
tony steve and thor

Part II of the Epic Harry Potter LOL picspam

Here's the second installment of the Epic Harry Potter LOL Picspam as taken from ohnotheydidnt

The actual post is located here: http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/26260699.html

As with before the same statements/warnings apply:

This is an image intesive spam and includes images that may NOT BE SAFE FOR WORK!

I hope you all laugh as hard as I did, the people who made these are quite brilliant!


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