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House/Cameron Fic "Everybody Lies Sometime" Part 2

Ok, here is Part 2 and I have to say I'm a little nervous.  This is the furthest I have ever gone into smut and it seriously is the naughtiest thing I have ever written.  I hope to God it doesn't suck as I am tired and rather delirious. I've decided I am living vicariously through House/Cam fics to get me through the Summer.  

I hope you enjoy.....

Name- "Everybody Lies Sometime"
Pairing- House/Cameron
Rating-MA for a lot language and smuttiness.  Come on, House is sexy when he swears.
Warning- Not for children, please no one under 17
Setting- After Season 4 episode "The Jerk"
Synopsis- Cameron grows tired of being treated as if she's weak and hopelessly in love with House.  She sets out to prove everyone wrong.

House closed his eyes, it felt so good as she continued to stroke him though his jeans.  Every sex kitten fantasy he had ever had about his young fellow was coming true.  She raised her mouth to his ear, soft little pants arousing him more by the second, “Liar.” She whispered boldly before nipping on his ear lobe.

“Everybody lies.” He mumbled before capturing that delectable cherry red pout with his own lips for a feverish kiss.

Chapter 2

Cameron greedily accepted House’s mouth pushing her tongue past his lips taking more than he had expected to give.  He tasted different than she remembered, that lifetime ago in his office seemingly forgotten as the day had worn on, this time it was scotch, cigar, and the ever present bitter taste of vicodin.  It was just as erotic and frankly, the man knew how to kiss, thoroughly and patiently like he was fucking your mouth just with his tongue. 

They both pressed for dominance like two fighters, pride refusing to allow either to yield. Cameron was the first to pull back; admiring the stain of red now adorning House’s flushed freshly kissed lips. 

House moved in closer, presuming Cameron was caught up in lingering doubt.  Reaching forward he roughly rubbed his thumb across her delectable bottom lip.  Electricity shot straight to his groin as she scraped her teeth across the pad of his thumb.  Who knew that was an erogenous zone?

House stared as if seeing her for the first time.  This wasn’t the Cameron he knew, the sweet naïve widow had somehow been replaced with this domineering sexual goddess.  The Cameron he knew wore pressed lab coats and smart slacks, this creature wore short jackets, thongs and fuck me heels.

Oh the heels were truly a bonus, he couldn’t wait to have them hovering above his shoulders pressed next to his face as he drove deep and hard into her, stamping away memory of any other man.

Cameron slapped his hand away as he reached out for her again.  She needed to hear it, need to hear him say he wanted her.  Not just to let him fuck and run, oh no, he was going to give her everything she wanted and then some.  Three years of pent up sexual frustration and anger was going to win this game.

“Do you like what you see House?” Cameron asked while clawing her nails down the cloth of his half unbuttoned shirt.

House’s skin tingled, feeling branded after her hands left his chest.  Leaning more onto his cane for support he answered almost honestly, “You know I do.” Sensing her thoughts he incorrectly assumed she needed to have her ego boosted through flattery. “You look hot as hell.  Is that what you want to hear because it’s true?”

Cameron snorted with laughter, “Nice try House.  Kissing my ass comes later in the evening.” She backed him to the wall next to the hallway.  Slowly sinking in front of him she pressed her hot mouth against his arousal through his jeans.  She was the recipient of heartfelt moan. 

She looked upwards, turned on more by the sight of his now black eyes meeting hers, “Do you want me House?” She asked before ripping open his fly, her tongue dancing across the waistband of his boxer briefs.

Her answer another spontaneous utterance of pleasure, but still not what she was looking for.  She pushed his jeans down, mouth teasing his cock through the thin cotton covering him.  “Do you want me House?”  She demanded more forcefully.

House’s head slammed against the wall, “Fuck Cameron.”  His arousal almost painfully straining, threatening to explode right there in his underwear.  Desire so thick he hadn’t even given a second thought to his damaged and scarred thigh.

He grew cold as her hot breath left his body, flicking open his eyes to make sure she was still there.

Cameron held the ends of the bow the held her overcoat in place. “Do you want me House?” She asked once more, daring him to deny it, looking dead in his eyes.

Pride kept him from saying anything but a simple “yes” in response. It was a losing battle but he couldn’t go down without a fight.

Tugging at the sash, Cameron released the binds that concealed her body from House.  A loud moan was all she heard in response.  “Do you want to fuck me House?” She asked one final time.

There was no fantasy in recent memory in House’s mind that eclipsed the sight of Allison Cameron in front of him at that very moment.  She opened her jacket to reveal she was clothed in nothing but a racy black bra and a scrap of black fabric at the apex of her thighs. Her long legs were encased in naughty black lace top stockings and sinfully erotic heels on her feet. 

Game.Set.Match. “Get over here,” House commanded, “I want you right now.”

Cameron’s lips curved into a devilish smile as she proceeded past House down the hall.  She stopped mid-way glancing over her shoulder reveling in seeing the great Gregory House stumbling after her.

Standing at the side of his massive bed she beckoned House to her with a crock of her finger.  He dropped his cane snatching his shirt over his head, at some point losing his pants on the way.  He stood proudly in front of her, the ice queen melting slightly as she absorbed the vision of him almost naked, his ego happily accepting that despite her cool exterior he still had some control over the woman beneath it.

House pushed the jacket off Cameron’s slim shoulders lifting her up onto his bed.  She lay back sprawling herself out across the mattress, resting on her elbows knees drawn slightly apart. A living centerfold posing in his bedroom, House knew it was cliché but it was too good to be true.

 She smiled at the sound that greeted her in the next moment.  House held his camera phone in his hand, pressing a few buttons and then setting it down on the night stand.  “Something to remember this by.”  He admitted.

Cameron rose to her knees, crawling across the bed closer to him. “As long as you promise to use that picture to get yourself off with.”   

House pushed her back pinning her against the mattress, “Fuck you’re dirty aren’t you.”

Cameron raised her hips grinding herself against House’s hard length.  “Don’t you have better things to do with your mouth?”

Passion flared in House’s eyes, leaning his head down he captured one taunt nipple in his mouth through its lace encasing.  Cameron withered beneath pushing his head down more, “Harder” she moaned.

He quickly dispensed her bra, releasing her breasts to his eager mouth.  Ample time and attention given to each peak while Cameron directed his every movement, he had never thought her to be a talker but damn it if it was a massive turn on.

As he nipped and suckled on her nipples Cameron continued her assault with her gyrating hips.  She could feel the moisture gathering at the front of his boxers as his shaft strained to meet her every movement.  He wouldn’t last much longer like this; after all he was only human.

Cameron lifted House’s head, greedily accepting more of his world class kisses. “On your back,” she demanded and he complied.

She made fast work of releasing his cock from its cotton prison.  Smiling she met House’s gaze and licked her lips. Amazingly there was still that red stain across her lips and House almost came as he watched those crimson beauties wrap around his shaft. “Fuck!” he moaned griping fistfuls of her hair.

Cameron loved the taste of him in her mouth and the power she felt as she managed to turn her snarky boss into a quivering mass of incoherent ramblings.  Wrapping one hand around the base she focused her mouth and tongue to the sensitive tip setting a rhythm that judging by his response was pretty damn remarkable.

“Fuck Cameron,” House’s head shook from side to side, “Oh fuck, you’ve got to stop.” He tried valiantly to pull her off his engorged member. He hadn’t come prematurely since he was in high school but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to if she didn’t stop her onslaught. “Please” He begged once more.

Cameron finally got the message, reluctantly retreating from her activity but not before she licked the tip savoring the salty substance there.

House grabbed a hold of her ass pushing her mound forward to his mouth nipping at her through the barely there panties.  Cameron grasped the headboard, her clit so swollen that shocks of pleasure erupted every time he made contact with her tender flesh.

Moving to the top of her thong he bit into the material pulling it down inch by inch enjoying the wetness he felt between her legs.  Cameron released her hold on the headboard, sitting upright on her knees as House still held her trapped against his wicked mouth.

With one hard flick of his tongue he made contact against her sensitive bud catching Cameron off guard as she began to come. “Oh my God” She screamed her body urging him to continue, gyrating against that wonderful tongue getting the release she knew only he could award her.

House was pretty sure there was nothing sexier in this world than Allison Cameron coming; he loved every fucking minute of it knowing down the road the memory would serve him well.

After the waves of astonishing pleasure subsided House released his hold on Cameron expecting her to be completely spent.  Instead she gained more energy sliding down his torso licking her taste off his mouth as she impaled herself on him.

“Shit!” House moaned as Cameron adjusted to his size.  Without moving her hips she clenched and unclenched her Kiegl muscles milking House.  He had never felt anything like that before, “Oh fuck Cameron, do that again.” If Heaven was a place on Earth than being inside Cameron went she did that little trick was it.

She continued on the same switching between clenching and grinding as House now had a firm grip on her hips squeezing leaving bruises.  He was close, she could tell by his reactions, saying less and concentrating more. Cameron stopped clenching, grabbed the head board for leverage and rotated her hips in a diamond pattern bringing maximum pleasure to both her and him.

“Oh God Cameron, oh fuck.” House was now wholly incoherent giving himself over to the sensations that were cresting from deep within.

“House!” Cameron shrieked as her leg muscles quivered in anticipation of her orgasm.

House lifted his hips driving deep within Cameron, giving over to his body, becoming a servant to the pleasure he was experiencing.

“Harder!” She screamed. House complied driving up while forcing Cameron down harder onto his shaft.

“FUCK!”  They yelled in unison as their bodies shattered from the mind blowing orgasms.

Cameron’s head hung forward, sweaty hair falling in House’s face. She flipped it from her eyes so she could concentrate on the man below her.  His eyes were dilated; mouth slightly open still panting for air and a satisfied little smirk graced his features.

She rolled over to the left mindful of his thigh that was most likely going to be throbbing as soon as the endorphins of his orgasm trailed off.

“Thanks,” House gingerly shifted to lie on his left side, not sure of what to do or say, his hand trailing making circles on her back.  What does one say after the most earth shattering sexual experience one’s life?

 Cameron stood up turning to place a soft kiss on House’s lips.  He winced when he saw the bruises marring her perfect creamy flesh.  “Sorry.” He offered and ran his tongue across the black and blue fingerprints.

She smiled leaning forward to pick up her discarded clothing giving House a prized view of her ass.  It didn’t escape his attention that her stockings and fuck me heels were still on her body.

Once he realized her intention to dress and leave House suddenly felt eerily cold.  Usually this was what he would want but now, now he wanted her to bring that ass, breasts and shoes back into his bed and curl up next to him.  “Cameron….”

She turned to face him, placing her finger to his lips. “Don’t” she said finally, end of conversation.

Silently House watched as Cameron replaced her overcoat around her body, stuffed her undergarments into her pockets and wordlessly waltzed right out of his bedroom.

Pausing for a moment at the front door Cameron sighed and reached into her coat pocket.  Retrieving her black panties she hung them on the inside door handle and closed the door behind her leaving House alone with his thoughts.

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