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Hoppity, Hippity, Hoo!

Hi everyone, I trust you are having a glorious weekend.

Mine has been busy, I have spent the great part of it at my mother's house (and from the internet).

Today my husband and I have been cleaning fools. My house sans bedrooms is completely ceramic tiled. We have vacuumed, scrubbed and cleaned every ounce of tile. We've also re-arranged the living room set up. I'm feeling happy and accomplished.

Later today we'll be back at mom's for our Easter feast. I am making green bean casserole and some cherry cheesecake. I don't eat cheese cake so I figure this is the best thing to make :)

For all my Flist who celebrate Easter, I hope you have a fantastic day full of chocolate bunnies and Cabury Creme Eggs.

To the rest of my Flist, I hope you have a glorious Sunday and that life treats you kind.

Some Easter pics:


Tags: easter, flist, holiday

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