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Diary of a Madwoman
I knew it wouldn't be long until I was a Foster Parent 
5th-Apr-2008 03:21 pm
tony steve and thor
*sigh* My husband's friend works for a Labrador Rescue group. He called us last evening to see if we wouldn't mind caring for a stray for the weekend.

As you know I have 2 beagles so integrating another dog into the fold made me nervous. My smaller dog had issues because he has a bit of Napoleon Complex, otherwise every one is fine and content. Well as long as I don't pay Foster too much attention, God when did my pooches become such Drama Queens?

So Meet Foster, he is about 3 years old and a yellow lab/Bloodhound mix. He follows me around obsessively.

(Sorry for the quality, the pic and video were done with my cell phone.)


(Deleted comment)
5th-Apr-2008 03:38 pm (UTC)
I am such a sucker for animals. I told my husband that if I had a bigger yard we would have at least 5 dogs. My house is just too small for 2 cats and 3 dogs.

Foster's face KILLS me, he has those sweet bloodhound eyes that pierce your soul.

We're hoping that his family will post fliers soon so we can take him back to his home.
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