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Diary of a Madwoman
28th-Apr-2008 10:14 pm
tony steve and thor
For me, tonight's episode was SO FUCKING FULL OF WIN!!!!

I'm not giving out spoilers I promise, just vague references.

Great use of everyone.

I love CTB more than I should.

RSL looked hot, what is it about men in blue shirts?

Cameron oh how I love you and your affection for Gregory.

Kutner pwns all!

Hugh/House, I love you, I love you, I love you. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

I'll stop flailing now. Well at least here, at home I can't guarantee that I won't be dancing around.
29th-Apr-2008 02:28 am (UTC)

I was on the edge of my bean bag the whole time!

Then... "What is the fanfiction world going to think?!!"

THEN... THANK GOD... he's okay! Still an ass but okay!
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