Logically Fabulous To Be Sure (calumfan) wrote,
Logically Fabulous To Be Sure

An Easter present of sorts

As told to Mishy-Mo, I decided on posting some of my favorite clips of Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry as an Easter present.  Well, also just because Fry and Laurie together equals comic genius!  I am surprised to find so many people who aren't aware of Hugh Laurie potraying anyone but Gregory House from House MD.  And those not familiar with Stephen Fry really need to know who he is, there are no words to describe his brilliance. So enjoy the clips!

A Bit of Fry and Laurie

The Mother Liker song

For Mishy-Mo, Major Donaldson

Censorship, violently and sexily

Derrick Nippl-E (hugh breaks character at the end!)

My favorite, The Vet sketch, Mr. Burmie

Jeeves and Wooster

Ask Dad

White Mess jacket

Jeeves disapproves

Jeeves finally let's loose

Tags: laurie

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