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Diary of a Madwoman
My thoughts on "Airbourne" 
10th-Apr-2007 10:41 pm
tony steve and thor
So this is new for me but wantedto post my thoughts as I'm watching tonight's episode of House

Please bear with me, I am typing this while watching.  And I apologise if I sound a little down todays been sucky and it doens't look to be improving even though it's Hughsday.

Where to start....

I have forgotten just how much I adore seeing Robert Sean Leonard as Wilson.  It was nice to see him as more than just House's sidekick and sounding board.  And when Cam/Chase/Foreman were arguing, Wilson's exasberated "I almost feel sorry for House" just struck me as funny. He has been my crush since I was in pigtails with "My Best Friend is a Vampire"

Chase/Cam having sex at the patients house.  Ok, I get it, they're having sex, must they act like 15 year olds who have just discovered that getting naked feels good.  Get over it, and this is for you mostly Cameron (who I love as a character) you are seriously looking like a sex starved unprofessional hooch.  I'm sorry, WTF have they done to Cam, I don't understand it.  And her and Chase giggling while running tests, yeah, those are doctors I want in charge of saving my life.

House with the boy passenger on the plane, just priceless.  "Say 'Crikey mate' and agree with everything I say"  Too funny.  At this point watching the kid help out House makes me think that he would do a better professional job than Cam or Chase at this moment.  At least he's using his head, and not the one in his pants.

Is it just me or was the call girl really hot?  I am 100% 85% hetero but dang, she was gorgeous.  Too bad House wasn't around to see her.  Methinks he would be getting her number for a late night house call.    Oh you go Wilson asking her out!  I'm so proud of Jimmy boy!

I am totally feeling Foreman's aggrivation in dealing with Chase saying whatever Cameron wants to hear because she's his hook up.  I couldn't roll my eyes further back in my head watching Cam say, "Chase what do you think?" with a smug look on her face.  WTF have they done to her, I love her and I am a H/C shipper, must the writers destroy that?!  I like a strong Cameron but she is boarderlining on Bitch status right now. Hopefully she'll keep the edge but not become nasty.

House in a bright yellow shirt, wow, just yummy.  Yeah I know it's pathetic and totally physical but Hugh Laurie is walking sex.  LOL at the flight attendant telling him she's in NY ever other week.  Heck yeah girl, go for it!!!

I liked the juxtiposition of the sterile hospital environemnt with LP as opposed to the unsterile airplane environment ofHouse's LP.  I saw the fluid and was trying to figure out why he was saying it was menegitis when the fluid was clear.  

And I'm sorry, the whole mass hysteria thing was weak.  I get the female passenger freaking out and getting it but CUDDY?!  That was just so asinine.  Was this just a ploy to give House a reason to feel up Cuddy?  Just lame.  I have nothing against Huddy except for the fact that if I was Cuddy I wouldn't give House the time of day because he is absolutely disrespectful to her.  It used to be funny with the comments, now it's just getting old and trite.  It was nice to see their banter come back a little bit in the end.  I like Cuddy and House being friends, they click when they snark at each other.

OMG, PLEASE hire this little boy for like ever, he is brilliant.  Let Cuddy, Wilson, Foreman and the Kid handle differentials from now on and Chase/Cam have have wild monkey sex anywhere they want.

Wow at least Chase finally woke up out of his sex fog to figure out the something was wrong with the cat food.  And harsh when Cam told him it was over.  I feel bad for him, he's a cheesy dork but doesn't deserve to be Cam's House-replacement-jealousy toy.  I always thought their relationship was ill-advised.  I'm hoping the writers actually have a reason for including their relationship at all.

I am suposed to watch this episode with my Hubby tomorrow and I seriously could care less about viewing it again.  I think that's the first time I have ever said that.  SHoot I've watched Season 1 & 2's DVDs over and over again.  Hopefully next week will improve.  It hurts my heart not to enjoy an episode and to view it as pointless.  Sorry to be a downer, I'm usually much more positive than this.

So I give it a "D"

The good: The kid and seeing Wilson.  And House in a yellow shirt.

The Bad: Most of everything else.
11th-Apr-2007 12:47 am (UTC)
Is it just me or was the call girl really hot? I am 100% hetero but dang, she was gorgeous.

It's not just you. I'm not 100% hetero, and I can confirm she was absolutely smoking.

Let Cuddy the smoking-hot Call Girl, Wilson, Foreman and the Kid handle differentials from now on and Chase/Cam can have wild monkey sex anywhere they want he can find a willing monkey.
11th-Apr-2007 12:50 am (UTC)
OMG, you're killing me tonight. Yes Chase can have a monkey. I just want strong Cam back, not sex starved (unless it's for House) Cam.

That call girl was beyond hot, i hope Wilson gets himself a piece and knocks the bottom out.

I'm all for that differential team, that kid was the greatest, he's a better Chase than Chase and he won't run around sniffing after Cameron.
11th-Apr-2007 08:04 am (UTC)
Awesome review! You pretty much covered it all!

You are right, what the hell is up with Cameron? She was (not sure if I can still say 'is') my favorite character but lately the recent developments to her have been awful! The woman can't keep her pants on for one damn day, the closet was unprofessional...sleeping in a patient's bed, I just have no words for it. I can tell Chase didn't sort of want to go there, but he did anyway...so no cookie for him, lol!

Besides that, the episode was all right, Wilson made it a 100 times better because he is the man. As for the hooker, yeah she was pretty. But is Wilson asking her out as a pretty lady or a pretty hooker?
11th-Apr-2007 10:38 am (UTC)
I know, I don't want to be so hard on Cam but dang, i can't take much more. I hope she starts to focus her energy on House or better yet Wilson. I'm a H/C shipper but there's nothing wrong with a little Wilcam love too!

I liked that House seemed to revert back to his old self by the end. He's been a little "off" lately.
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