July 19th, 2007

tony steve and thor

Thursday randomness and ramblings

1) Of course, once again Congrats to the lovely, humble and beautiful Hugh Laurie for his well deserved Emmy Nomination.  My favorite gossip guy even had praise from Hugh, at www.dlisted.com he called HUgh a "Hot Bitch" Couldn't say it better myself.

2) The first pics of Tom Cruise as a one-eyed Nazi War hero are out from his film with the lovely Stephen Fry and all I have to say it WTF, are they freaking serious. *facepalm*
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3) In other Emmy news, this one has SO got to win:
taken from tmz.com:
As if four Grammy awards and Jessica Biel weren't enough, Justin Timberlake might add another trophy to his case -- an Emmy!

The SexyBacker's hilarious SNL video,
"Dick in a Box," has been nominated in the category of Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics. Live performance, anyone?

Emmys -- Dick in a box
Tonys -- Dick in a box
Oscars -- Dick in a box
Every single awards show a dick in a box!
Please let this win!  And the Emmy goes to....DICK IN A BOX!

4) Work is pretty decent today, I am teaching replacement!chick the value of adoring Hugh Laurie, she went from not knowing who he is to saying she prefers him clean shaven.  Another convert on the way :D