December 17th, 2007

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Things that make you go O.o

While reading my Google alerts, I came across this little nugget of joy:

Taken from an actual letter/question written to Parade Magazine in the US:
Elizabeth Testerman had this to ask: "People complain about immigrants taking jobs away from us but don't utter a peep about all of the Brits playing Americans on TV, like Hugh Laurie on House. Why do producers hire them?"

Here is me after reading this O.o
Is this person serious?

As sad as it sounds, she totally was.

So I began leafing though this blog which is rather humorous in itself (

This passage made me laugh so hard because it could actually be a conversation that my husband and I would have.

And after many conversations over the phone with bonorattle, I can totally see her and her husband Jimmy having the same type of conversation:

Please note: The "Me" in question would be blogger Tod Goldberg, Wendy being his wife.

Me: You know what I bet?

Wendy: What?

Me: I bet if I stood outside and peed, that it would freeze.

Wendy: It's 45 degrees outside.

Me: Right. But when it cools down, it would freeze.

Wendy: And you intend to sit out there and wait?

Me: Well, no, I'd wait until it got cold enough and then I'd pee outside.

Wendy: Why are we having this conversation?

Me: I'm just saying that if it gets down to freezing tonight I should see if my pee will freeze. I mean, we live in the desert, right? So wouldn't it be interesting if it got so cold in the desert that my pee literally froze? I mean, everyone's always talking about frying an egg on the sidewalk. This would be the opposite.


Me: I wouldn't want to get frost bite, though. That's a consideration.


Me: I bet it would also sort of mark my territory, teach Scout [our puppy] that I'm dominant. Though I don't know if frozen pee has the same effect. Hmmm.


Me: Anyway, if it gets down to freezing, I'm gonna see about peeing outside.

Wendy: You're an idiot.

Yes, men are this frightening deep *facepalm*

If you are married or in a relationship, you know this already. If you are not yet in this situation, please keep this entry in the back of your mind, it will happen to you one day!!