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Just shoot me now!

My dear husband decided that we needed 3 pine trees chopped down because they are old and a hazard.  Which is fine, with hurricane season rapidly approaching they needed to go as they were dead and nasty.  So he hires these people to come on and I'm not kidding when I say they were like friggin' lumberjacks.  The guy put on his spikes and climbed the trees and chopped it down piece by piece!  The pics we took were amazing.

He's the crappy part, they dropped one of the trees and apparently it cut through my cable connection!  My internet, telephone and TV are all hooked up through that one line.  Now I have NOTHING!!!!!!!  Did I mention no internet.  I was lucky to find a wireless network that isn't password protected but I don't know how long that will last, the signal isn't very strong.

This sucks ass, I feel like I am on a desert island.  What did we do before modern technology?!  Thank God I have this laptop!
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