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I haz a big sad

Hello and long time no speak.

Real life has been kicking my arse so that I've pretty much only been able to keep up with Twitter.

I endeavor to do better now that the Summer and family vacations are winding down.

For now, I am very very sad.

This is my lovely dog Jack

He went to the vet today to have oral surgery as his mouth and teeth had an infection.

While he was under the meds, the vet felt his spleen and discovered it to be hard and enlarged.

She ultra sounded it and found that there seems to be a mass of some type in his spleen. It could be a hematoma or it could be cancerous, they won't know unless they remove it. Either way it's dangerous and potentially deadly.

THey wanted to remove it while he was out but the oral surgery was already $326 and I didn't have an additional $750 to remove his spleen

I feel like an ass because I can't afford to do this for my puppy.

Ive been an emotional wreck.

Shannon retired and surprise, surprise! We didn't get paid mid-month as I'm used to. THis fucking sucks.

Anywho, Jack is home now and feeling good. We are trying to re-arrange some finances (luckily our trip to Vegas has been long paid for) so we can get Jack in ASAP.

Pardon my whine but things really suck right now. My pets are as much my children as my human son is.

I promise to try to post some happy news and pictures soon.

I love and have missed you all!
Tags: emo, family, jack

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