Logically Fabulous To Be Sure (calumfan) wrote,
Logically Fabulous To Be Sure

Saturday, boring Saturday

I must admit, I never really thought much of how much I rely on modern technology until I am without it for an extended period of time.  

Sure no cable, no internet (except the occasional Wi Fi I pick up on my laptop which seriously is not very often) or home phone seems do-able I mean seriously, years ago we didn't have all this.  But as I sit here alone on Saturday afternoon, no sounds but the birds chirping outside I realize, DAMN IT!  I WANT MY CABLE BACK!!!!!

No House for 2 weeks, no DVR, no TV period.  I think I have watched all the DVD movies I have ever owned.  My son is even getting irritated because he's spending so much time with me.  If you can hear your dog snoring from across the house there is something seriously lacking in your life!

I have however gotten the time to work on my fic and post a new chapter plus bond with not only my Autistic child but also my 4 furry children too.  SO I guess it's not so bad but DID I MENTION NO HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!
Tags: blah blah blah, rant

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