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Wow, it's Hughsday AND it's a great day

Wow, I just can't express how much glee I am feeling today.  I haven't had a laughfest like this in a very long time.......Let's start with the randomness!

[info]house_daily is the most amazing place ever.  Go there to view all the House cast pics but here is one of my favorites, a little Hugh for Hughsday.....

I'm pretty sure that I need to have his baby.............

2) Some spoilers have come out for Season 4 of House, I honestly am excited.  I won't go on, if you want to read my views you can click below
My thoughts behind the cut, beware I am opinionated! 

Heard the most ridiculous and unintentionally hilarious commercial on the radio today.  The tag line was as follows:
Do you have painful and long lasting menstration that is interferring with your lifestyle?

WHAT?!  What lifestyle? Are you losing money because you are a hooker?  Your pimp gonna beat you down because you can't get back to work?  

I was rolling after hearing this.

4) I am starting a fic community for me to post my fics to, that way readers don't have to wade through personal posts (kind of like this one) if they aren't in the mood.  I would also LOVE to post any of my flists fics there too, any more exposure can't hurt right?

5) Lindsey Lohan is a trainwreck and I cannot bring myself to look away. So she got busted for ANOTHER DUI, was involved in some car chase (not with the police), then marched into the Police station WITH cocaine in her pants pocket. Oh and that alcohol detection ankle thing she was wearing was reportedly a fake. Seriously WTF is wrong with this girl. I don't have problem with people doing what they're going to do but THIS CHICK SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED BEHIND THE WHEEL OF A CAR EVER!  She could have killed someone.  I draw the line there.  Do what you wanna do but don't risk someone else's life.



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