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Living Through the Pain Part 1

Here is a fic I posted at FF.net a while ago.  I lost the muse but am hoping to refind her again.  House is a very hard character to write for!  This was my first fic ever so I hope it doesn't suck!

Title: Living Through the Pain
Pairing: House/Cameron, Cameron/Chase
Rating: M for mature.  Sexual situations and language pretty much right out of the gate.
Disclaimer: Not mine, if they were would I be sharing him?!
Preview: House deals with pain on a daily basis, can he let Cameron in to save him from the worst pain of all?


AN: This is my first attempt ever at fanfiction. I want to sincerely thank the wonderful Mishy-Mo for helping me through all the jitters and being the best Beta around. This is a story about House and Cameron but will involve many other characters and possible pairings and I will try to stay in character. Please bear with me, I'm new at this!



I can’t believe I’m actually doing this.

Allison Cameron tossed her head back closing her eyes, savoring every sensation her body was experiencing. Feather light kisses traced the outline of her jaw, trailing down her neck until resting on her delicate collarbone.

Whoever thought he would be so gentle?

Hot breath stung the valley between her breasts, the condensation resting on her skin as he parted her lace bra.

“Allison, look at me.” The deep baritone voice reached down and caressed Cameron’s ears like velvet. A hard palm massaged one of her aching nipples sending pleasure shooting straight to her core.

“Allison, I said look at me.” The voice was more stern and commanding this time.

Cameron’s eyes fluttered open meeting the intense blue ones of the man above her.

The eyes of the man she desperately loved yet hated, the enigmatic Gregory House.

She skimmed her hand down his chest, unbuttoning the shirt on the way until her hand rested at the buckle of his jeans. Smiling slyly Cameron reached out and stroked House’s length. The once steel blue eyes became opaque with arousal, a hiss escaping his mouth. Cameron cheered her small victory; gaining any reaction from her boss was next to impossible.

House continued to tease and torment Cameron, nipping and kissing all along her chest driving her wild with need.

“Please!” Cameron cried unable to take anymore. Gentle lovemaking gave over to basic animalistic instinct by the simple plea from Cameron’s mouth.

“Look at me!” House’s voice was heavy and thick signaling that he could not wait much longer. He grabbed Cameron’s chin forcing her to stare into his eyes. “I want to see your face when I enter you.” Determination was etched in his rough features.

Cameron was rendered speechless, afraid she was going to climax just by the roughness and sheer force of the words that House uttered.

He was going to claim her.

And she wanted to be his.

Drunk with need she nodded. His lips curved into the sexiest smile she had ever laid eyes on and he bent down taking one swollen peak in his mouth. Cameron screamed the sensation too much to bear.

Before she had a chance to recover House, staring deep into her eyes gripped Cameron’s hips and drove himself hard into her. Cameron came immediately, grabbing wildly at his hair.

House increased his pace lifting Cameron higher and higher off the mattress. Another wave of pleasure was rising inside Cameron and judging by the urgency of House’s thrusts he wasn’t too far behind.

Cameron ran her hand between their bodies, pressing it against her mound. “Oh God!” she moaned, falling over the edge. Seconds later House slammed one last time and joined Cameron into oblivion. He groaned and then rested his forehead against hers; his breathing still labored reluctantly rolling off of her.

Cameron lost herself in thought, her body still humming from the best sex she could ever remember having. Of course it was all because of HIM, she suffered from no illusions thinking it wouldn’t be this good. He was too intense, too shuttered, too everything not to be able to give himself over to his baser instincts. She had never expected this to happen even though she had dreamt about it almost nightly. She wasn’t even sure if she had wanted to give herself over to him so intimately knowing that in the end it would only cause her pain.

She snaked her hand out feeling for him, he was still there the warmth radiating from his body.

She smiled this is a good sign.

Maybe they could work this out after all, in her dreams this part always ended badly.

Cameron turned to face him, not sure of what to say as her eyes rested on the form in front over her.

“Wow Ally,” her partner’s deep, rich voice replaced by that of a softer Australian tone, “I don’t know what’s gotten into you tonight but that was amazing. You’ve never been like this. Not that I’m complaining at all.”

Cameron shot up in bed, clutching the sheet tightly to her chest. She couldn’t bear to look into Robert Chase’s boyish sweet face, let alone look into her lover’s eyes, afraid he would know the truth. It was Chase she was with in that bed but House that she had given herself over tonight.

Pain pierced deep into Allison Cameron’s heart and shame washed over her as she realized all the words, all the feelings were just another fantasy created by her imagination.

She would never escape Gregory House. He was going to haunt her mind, body and soul until he tore her apart.

And she was near breaking point.


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