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Living Through the Pain Part 2

Title: Living Through the Pain
Pairing: House/Cameron, Cameron/Chase
Rating: M for mature.  Sexual situations and language pretty much right out of the gate.
Disclaimer: Not mine, if they were would I be sharing him?!
Preview: House deals with pain on a daily basis, can he let Cameron in to save him from the worst pain of all?

Here is Part 2


AN: Once again, thank you to Mishy-Mo who is my rock through this all. Yes I thanked you again! I know it was rough seeing that Cam was really with Chase but don't fret, this story is all focusing on House and Cameron and trying to deal with their feelings.

“11:10 Dr House checks out.” Handing off his latest victim’s chart to the nurse and with a relieved sigh House hobbled over to the elevator.

Pain was beginning to radiate almost unbearably from his right leg. Reaching into his sport coat pocket he pulled out his savior and constant companion; Vicoden. This was the guaranteed trip to oblivion he craved to escape the harsh reality of not only the chronic pain that seized him daily but the pain that surrounded his whole life. He loved the fog that the pills would put him under, the gentle way it cradled his broken body and numbed the constant roar that was in his mind.

He had taken 2 pills an hour ago but still tossed another down his throat as the elevator finally arrived.

“Hold the elevator please!” a soft feminine voice shouted out as soft shoe soles padded on the ground.

House hesitated a moment before thrusting his cane out stopping the elevator doors from closing. He knew it was her before even hearing her yell; he had a sixth sense where she was concerned. His senses came alive if Allison Cameron was within 100 feet of him.

He should have never held the door for her; this was going to be pure torture being alone with her like this. Her scent traveled towards him, she smelled divine, of cherry blossoms, vanilla and something that was just simply Cameron. It always drove him mad and now he was forced into a situation that given his fragile state he wasn’t sure he could handle.

“Thank you.” Cameron stepped into the carriage, clutching patient files to her chest.

They were probably patients of his House realized; she always tried to keep up with his charting that he neglected.

House attempted to blend into the woodwork as Cameron did her best to ignore him, the electricity between them bouncing off the walls in the confined space and building up charge with each passing.

He was thankful that their trip would be quick only needing to travel a few floors; today was not his day, first the drudges of the Clinic and then the pain of his leg setting him on edge, he fuse was short and getting shorter by the second.

Cameron stumbled a little as the elevator came to an abrupt stop. “Code Blue CCU elevator, Code Blue CCU elevator” the speaker above them announced.

Cameron turned around and locked eyes with House, her chestnut brown hair swishing around her before settling down framing her face. “Well.” She offered blandly.

House sighed; he wanted to lose himself in her innocence, to find the man he was so long ago before disillusionment became his companion. He resisted her for so long now and it was getting more difficult every day. Cameron deserved happiness and beauty whereas he had nothing to offer her but darkness and pain so he closed himself off to her.

Thump, thump, House impatiently dropped his cane to the floor over and over again. Cameron offered him the slightest hint of a smile.

The charge between them continued to build.

It was the smile that did him in, that and the Vicoden that was beginning to caress his brain. He pushed off the wall making a move forward invading Cameron’s personal space.

She didn’t back down completely used to this tactic. House always tried to impose his will through intimidation. She refused to show weakness, boldly looking him in the eyes.

House reached his hand out to her face, brushing his thumb across the purple ring under one of her eyes. Cameron was shocked, House never touched her. “Tell me Cameron,” his voice a mere whisper as he bent his head down hovering close to her mouth, “Rough night last night?”

Cameron gasped; he couldn’t possibly know what had happened with Chase last night.

His lips curled into a sexy half smile, “Did little Ally stay up past 9 watching girl movies or did you have a meeting of “The Ladies Guild of Martyrs who marry dying men?”

Heat flared through Cameron’s features, it was a low blow but House felt like pushing her, gauge her reaction, knock her down to his level.

Her small hand gripped his larger one, pushing it away but not letting go. “No Dr. House,” her voice come out in a thin hiss, she was pissed of and tired, “If you must know, I was up all night fucking my brains out.”

She pushed him back.

She was on his level.

The utter vulgarity of her statement sent House reeling.

This he hadn’t anticipated.

It broke his control, the mere idea of some other man not only kissing her, but caressing her, holding her, pushing her to a natural paradise was far too much to bear.

A ferocious passion he didn’t know his broken body was capable of flared and roared.

No one touched HIS Cameron.

In one swift motion he had Cameron pinned against the wall, cane clattering on the floor and charts dropped and forgotten.

Blue eyes shone with a fierce predatory glow, the instinctual need to mark and possess overrode any other thought in House’s brain.

Cameron struggled for breath, oh God she needed this. She needed this heat, this man more than anything else in her entire world.

House’s lips drove hard down onto her, claiming her mouth. She welcomed it and kissed back with a ferocity she didn’t know she was capable of.

She tasted so good, better than he could have ever imagined. A mixture of strawberries and sex; his mouth would be forever in mourning if he never tasted it again.

They wasted no time, tongues mating as hands ran started roaming everywhere. House grasped her breast through her shirt, becoming frustrated because it wasn’t enough. He needed to replace any traces of any other man. His hand shot down and began to pull her shirt from her pants.

Cameron’s hand ran down to his jeans, tugging at his belt. Both completely forgetting where they were. House’s mouth left hers, looking down at her a question in his eyes. She was panting trying to pull his head back down, her soft whine the answer he was waiting for.

As House shifted his weight to his left leg and began to undo her pants the elevator hummed back to life.

“FUCK!” House punched the wall, reality pouring over them like a sudden burst of rain.

Cameron leaned her head back, raising her hand to her swollen lips unable to speak.

What had they almost done?

Before House could say anything his pager rang on his loosened belt. He looked down and straightened up immediately. He adjusted his appearance, strode out of the elevator and looked back at Cameron like nothing at all had happened, “We have a patient.”


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