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Run don't walk to watch this!!!

I just had the honor to watch "Stephen Fry 50 Not Out" and can I just say that I have never been more in awe or enamored with someone as I am with darling Stephen right now.

Please, find this show on Youtube or on a download.  Yes you will get to see Hugh goodness but just also to watch Hugh and others talk so fondly of such a remarkable man.

I wish nothing more than to spread not only my love of Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie as a pairing but of the accomplishments of the two individual actors as well.  I can receive no greater compliment than what I have the past few days as some of my friends have mentioned that I have turned them onto this duo of brilliant minds.

So to darling Stephen Bravo and Happy Birthday :)

And to all my flist, seriously watch this special!

*steps down from the rooftops I've been shouting from*
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