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Things to look forward to:

Summer Movie Edition!

So once again I sit here with my laptop, no TV and my dear son napping so naturally I'm rather bored.  So I decided to post my 1st edition of "Things to look forward to".  Today's is summer movie edition because let's face it, this summer is chalk full of crap to be excited about.

Spiderman 3: I am so flipping excited about this, I am a comic book nut thanks to my older brother.  And I effing LOVE Venom.  My girl heart can't take it, he's geeky and skinny but I have a major crush on Tophr Grace, I have since "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton"

Pirates of the Caribbean, At World's End:  Do I really need to explain why I can't wait for this?!  Two words should suffice- Johnny Depp!!!!

This movie is letting my elementary school geek totally come out.  This movie better be good or I am going to be po'd seriously.

Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer: Again, there's that comic book girl in me.  Plus, have you seen Chris Evans/Johnny Storm as the Human Torch?!

Shrek 3:  Come on, it's Shrek!!!

I'm sure there's more, please comment and bring them to my attention.  I love going to the movies to be entertained, it's a great escape from the harshness of reality!
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