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It's here, It's here. Hughsday for Real. Time for a little House!picspam

Today is truly a national holiday for all us House fans!  The new season is upon us, so time to spread a little cheer.  Forget the spoilers and the new cast members, let's just celebrate this day with pic!spam :)  

And as usual tomorrow will be Hugh!picspam Humpday

Here's one of the cast and the rest will be under the cut, please note that yes I'm a House/Cameron fan so there is a lot of that in here...Sorry :)

A little Houseness for us all :)

A little REAL duckling action (not to the new fake ones)

A little House/Wilson BFFs 4-Ever

Here's us waiting all summer

Who WOULDN"T want to enter a doctor's office and see this?

Here's Cuddy

Foreman's even making an appearance

And can't forget about Chase

And Dr. James Wilson...Panty Peeler 

And of course Allison Cameron who is just LOVE!

And for all my fellow House/Cameron Shippers, here's a couple for you because it's all about the LOOKS :D

Happy Hughsday to you all!!!!


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