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House premiere hang over...It's Humpday and YOU know who I want to hump. Pic!Spam

I'm just not going to wax poetic about how wonderful Season 4's premiere was.  It's all been said by numerous people, and I honestly don't want to take away from anyone's personal thoughts or feelings on what they saw on the screen.  We see what we want to, free will is a beautiful thing :)

Now, it's Humpday and the need to hump is strong with me so on with the weekly issue of Hugh!picspam, and it's a doozy.  Please have a doctor standing by.....

Here's 2 pics from last night because they were my favorite looks

No seriously, I about died at this moment...

And my weakness of House in glasses knows NO bounds....

Now on with the rest of the Hugh!picspam, It's a special one , you know you want to see it!!!!

(And yes it's totally objectifying)

I don't really have caps for each picture because I think they speak for themselves.

Oh shit, how did this one from our personal album get in there!!  You don't want to see my arm and blonde hair :)

OK, now pick your jaws up off the floor and continue on with your day.....

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