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A Friday with nothing to do....

How sad is life sometimes that you look around and realize you're hanging out at home on a Friday night with nothing to look forward to except clipping coupons for your wild and crazy trip to the grocery store tomorrow and doing dishes 

There are days I miss being 21 and single.

There was joy to be had today, I received in the mail my BFTV t-shirt and my omni-peace shirt like the one House wore on the season premiere. I'm actually sporting the BFTV one right now.

Hubby is coming home soon which means I've got to clean up around here.  I have fallen into a funk since he's been gone and I will forever be grateful to my dear bonorattle for being my lifeline in and out of work this week.  It's wonderful to be able to call her my friend :)

After my chores I think I will watch a little House and attempt to write a little, I'm sadly pathetic at it right now.  Damn I wish I had a glass of wine.

Happy Friday night/Saturday morning to you all :)

And just for the hell of it here's some Hughness to drool over this evening.....


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