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Seriously?! OMG!! Britney news and Jenn!picspam as promised

Before I get to the now traditonal Monday Jenn!picspam, let me get this out of the way....

Holy Shit, they finally took Britney's kids away!!!!
TMZ is reporting that a judge just stripped Britney Spears of custody of her two kids and has awarded full custody to KFed temporarily. The judge ruled that KFed "is to retain physical custody of the minor children on Wednesday, October 3, 2007 at 12:00 PM until further order of the court."
As a mother myself I would never wish this on anyone, but from what has played out in front of our eyes, I can't say i disagree with the court. She was photographed driving with the boys in the car without a valid driving licsense in ANY state *facepalm*

Now on with the Jenn!picspam 
Here's your something old.  Naughty naughty Jennifer...

And now something new, the more refined blonde Jennifer....

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