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A meme and other various Hughsday utterences

1) Go to http://fox.com/house/ to read new bios of the docs vying for a spot on House's team.  So far, The Plastic Surgeon, Kumar(#6/9) and #26(House's new assistant) are my favorites.  The info on Mr Taub (the PS) has me intrigued about the character.

2) Thank God I am going on vacation tomorrow. I am so ready for it.  Work sometimes can drain your brain.

3) I might miss House tonight! MEEP! Hopefully traffic won't be as bad as it can be and we'll make it to Orlando before 9:00.

4) I am going to try my hardest to post my Humpday Hugh!picspam, it might be late at night but I'm still going to try it!!  But just in case, here's a little to tide you over.
I believe this was made by the amazing and talented hughsbeautiful

 5) As tagged by bonorattle
5 Things that win at life 

1) Going on vacation!!!
2) House MD being on TV
3) Hugh Laurie (do I need to elaborate?)
4) Amazing LJ friends and wonderful (and sometimes psychotic) conversations with them :)
5) My family and children
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