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This is me being thoughtful.........a meme

 A What's Going On Meme as tagged by hannagreen20

+ Waking up an hour early and getting to work around 7am
+ The coffee gods smiling upon me and blessing me with a nice fresh brewed pit when I needed it
+ Completing fuel inventory on our 50+ stores when I first got in today
+ Emailing said inventory results to our District Managers so they can clean up the discrepencies
+ Halloween in 5 days!
-  Hubby having duty on Saturday night
+ bonorattle and I having a "date" on Saturday night.
+ Playing 4 simultaneous games of "Scrabulous" with the most amazing people on facebook,  hughsbeautiful lostforhouse starleigh and bonorattle
+ Having lunch at Taco Bell (it's been months)
+ Getting paid
+ Calling your husband only to find out he's out buying you Christmas presents.
-  Having a friend that is sad
+ A new House episode on Tuesday
+ This arriving in my inbox:

Only 2 negatives in that list, not too bad :)

Let's see, I tag sharp2799 lostforhouse maybebaby1280 house_luvr
Tags: meme

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