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Are they serious?!

Apparently there's a new drug on the street and I seriously am in a state of disbelief. It's inexpensive and throughly disgusting.....

Click on the LJ cut to read about about Jenkems

This Crap Gets You High

The Sheriff's department of Collier County, FL have put out a bulletin warning parents of a new drug that the kids are favoring. It's called "Jenkem" and is supposed to give you hallucinations and get you high. As with any drugs, there's a strong price you pay. Jenkem tastes like shit. Literally!
You see Jenkem is made out of shit and piss from the sewers. Kids put the shit in a bottle and let it ferment for a few days. It develop a gas which they put in a balloon and inhale. The after taste is said to linger for daaayyys. 
The street name is butthash, runners or wase.
I know what I'm doing tonight! Shit, I know what Britney's doing tonight too. Kids these days! They can't just suck the freon out of the a/c like we used to. Ugh.   

My question is, how exactly did this discovery come about?

Bubba: Hey Cletus, I'm bored and I have a sewer near my house. Let's play in poop
Cletus: Hmmmm I wonder what would happen if we bottled this
Bubba: That there is a good idea, and then we can throw a balloon on top of it and throw it at people.
Cletus: Naw Bubba, I think we should breath it in, it is food after all
Bubba: That there is a good idea.  Yummy
*inhales the gas*
Cletus: Dude I'm so high right now.
Bubba: I'm pretty sure my last remaining brain cell has died........

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