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Inner personality meme and Movie meme

Two memes as tagged by hannagreen20 and bonorattle
1)Inner Personality

Do you glare at people who look at you?:

I try not to but some people are begging for it.

Do you start arguments?:
I am very non-confrontational. I think the only person I argue with is my husband and even then I hate to do it. Really nothing is resolved when you argue, you just usually end up saying things you will regret or don't mean. Plus you're not going to get your point across because you're yelling.

Are you a peace maker?:
I've been told that I am. I'm usually the cool headed one in the group

Do you think most others are unintelligent?:
Everybody is good at something. While in school I was labelled as "gifted" but I completely lack common sense or the drive to suceed. My husband did not make great grades in school but is one of the smartest people I know. I guess it all comes down to perspective. There are book smart people and life smart people.

Are you in love with yourself?:
Oh God no, I'm not as insecure as I was when I was younger but my self esteem is still pretty much lacking.

Do you try to change others?:
I've tried to help friends out and point them in more positive directions. But if someone really wants to change they have to do it themself.

Do you commit revenge?:
The best revenge is ignoring slights and living well.

Do you hold grudges?:
No, I move on with my life without that person

Do you go into rages?:
Sadly I have when my life gets too stressful, I have to release the pain and frustration.

Are you considerate of others feelings?:
Yes, I seem to consider others feelings more than my own. I am constantly apolgizing for my actions.

True Self

Are you predictable?:
Most of the time, except sometimes I have no idea what's going to come out of my mouth.

Have you cried over a broken heart?:
Of course, unrequited love is painful. If you don't cry then you do not realease the sadness, and that's when grudges come in.

Do you make jokes about others?:
I would love to say no but some people are just begging for it.

What clique might someone think you are?:

Do you love life?:
I've a love/hate relationship with it but I am terrifed of death (the unknown)

Will you protect a friend from the truth?:
I have, sometimes the truth hurts worse than a lie

Who has broken your trust?:
There's no need to name anyone, they've been ejected from the circle.

Whose trust have you broken?:
I don't know, I've neer been told that I have but I'm sure it's happened

Do you like yourself?:
On a good day, I think I'm funny, on a bad day ummm......................................

What's your best trait?:
I'm a good listener

What's your worst trait?:
I can come off as aloof because I am painfully shy around people I don't know.

Do you gossip?:
I am a famous people gossip whore but "real" people, only certain topics.

Do you brag a lot?:
About my son I do


2)Choose any movie moment, from any genre and post a picture or clip and explain why the movie is your favorite. Pass it on.

I have a ton of favorite movies, most of which are of the comedy genre, I don't generally aim high because even though I enjoy a good smart comedy, sometimes I don't want to have to think, I want random stuff to make me laugh:
Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle
Anchorman-The Legend of Ron Burgandy
40 Year Old Virgin
Drop Dead Gorgeous

But my favorite of all time is...........

Monty Python and the Holy Grail!

I won't quote every part of it but the movie is so brilliant in it's hilarity and execution that I can watch it constantly and still catch something new.

I'm sorry I can't just post one scene, I give you 3!
Killer Rabbit

French Taunter

The Black Knight

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