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It's Humpday! A question, some ramblings and of course Hugh!picspam

It’s Wednesday, it’s Humpday and it’s almost the beginning of the Holiday season (well for me at least. Some it started after Halloween)


-I’ve decided for my own enjoyment of watching House that I am probably not going to read NON-FRIEND Metas. I respect all my flist's thoughts on the show. But after a while of reading so many written by people I don't know, the complaining about House can get to be a bit much. It’s nothing against anyone who posts one; I just don’t want my view of the show to be skewed by someone else’s opinion. I for one am loving House right now and hate to read about people’s disappointment in the episode. Compared to last year which I would like to wipe the memory of Season 3 (well except for Half-Wit and Merry Little Christmas) from my memory all together, Season 4 is amazing.


-Received multiple calls from bonorattle</lj> J last night; she was having a great time at the DMB show. She has another one tonight. She held the phone up so I could hear, it was amazing. She says she misses everyone  


-Need some opinions. As you all know my son is Autistic and it is super difficult to buy any presents for him at Christmas and his birthday. We have a lot of family that likes to get him something, but he doesn’t play with “toys” or anything like that. Hubby and I have decided to purchase a swing set and bike for presents. Christmas is obviously on 12/25 and his birthday is 1/11. Is it wrong to ask for money towards his swing set instead receiving gifts?


-Don’t forget to send me your address to calumfan@yahoo.com if you would like to receive a little holiday cheer. I will be starting on Christmas Cards next week.


-I think I need psychological help, I am already super psyched for next Friday’s shopping extravaganza. Black Friday is a national holiday to me J


-Oh yeah, I guess everyone’s waiting for this huh. I tried to give a good variation on Hugh's different looks, all of which are adorable! J

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