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Diary of a Madwoman
House tonight and no sensical rambling 
20th-Nov-2007 10:13 pm
tony steve and thor
 -------Sorry I haven't been around a lot. I've been so busy, the holidays seem to drain the life out of me. I have my Aunt visiting which is lovely.  My husband comes home tomorrow which is great and my step daughter will be here come Thursday. I can't guarentee I'll be around much for the rest of the week.

-------My son is sick I think. I had to give him a Nebulizer treatment tonight. He was at Mom's while I was cleaning the floors and I got a call to pick him up that he was miserable. I finally got him to sleep, hopefully he will get a lot of rest tonight. It's not cool seeing that blue ring around his lips. Makes me very scared and nervous.

-------A huge Thank You for a wonderful and totally unexpected gift from my dear M'Colleague bonorattle Imagine my surprise when this beautiful mousepad showed up at my doorstep.

Yes it's going with me to work tomorrow!

---------Click here for my thoughts on House tonight, well not really a meta or anything, just a couple things I have to say but it's considered a spoiler.
I can honestly say that I really wasn't feeling this episode. It was kind of random and blah. Maybe I shouldn't have watched it while taking care of my son. It just kind of left me cold.

-The contest for Cuddy's thong, House got some good zingers in but I don't know, I wasn't LOLing over it. It got the whole purpose of it, it was an actually pretty brilliant test, I see where the writers were going with it (Trying to see how far and how creative the team would be to get the thong) but meh.

-It was nice to see Kutner actually do some doctor stuff and he was good.  He didn't lose the silliness but did prove that he actually has some brain cells left.

-Big Love/Cole, nice knowing you. Buh-bye. I really didn't feel for him leaving,which sucks because I liked him in the beginning.

-Thirteen, that was the big secret and outcome? I don't know, left me a little cold. I knew House was going to test her, come on he did the same thing with Cameron.

-House getting the blood transfusion. So exactly what happened to him. He got the blood and he seriously only had a bad reaction to it? Seriously I was lost. I've never been this confused. Even the House/Wilson scene confused me.  So did House really test Wilson's blood? For what and why??

-And it was Lupus. Usually this would make me absolutely flail but it was kind of just a side note, he practically mumbled it.

-I hope next week works better for me, this was just Meh.

Sorry for being such a Debbie Downer. This episode had me so confused and blahed that I can't even form a conherent synopsis. Sorry
21st-Nov-2007 12:58 am (UTC)
Yes. And we never saw the patient treated and recovered. Did he recover? Hmm.
Lupus has no cure, it is an autoimmune disease. They thought my husband had it but they determined that he has rheumatoid arthritis instead (also incurable)

I've loved this season but this episode, meh, not so much.
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