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Thanksgiving/Black Friday hangover and a memes

I apologize a million times for not being around the past few days, I feel as if I've neglected everyone but the holidays are quite a busy time in my life. I am still attempting to catch up on all the entries I have missed.

I'll do a quick recap of what's gone on in my life since Wednesday.

-----Thursday/Thanksgiving in America: It was a pretty good time. 
*I did the annual excursion to Kmart for $.79 2 liters of Pepsi, $7.99 CDs. 
*I've been dieting (by eating more frequent small meals) and I've shrunk my stomach. I barely finished one plate of food. SO NOT A BAD THING!
*Mapped out (no literally mapped out) the shopping game plan for Friday's sales with my sister and friend Janet.

-----Friday/My annual celebration to the shopping gods.
*Up at 3:30 am after napping on my coma couch for 2 hours.
*At JCPenney's by 4am, Target by 5:15, Toys R Us by 7:45, the mall by 8:30 and home by 10. Yes I got everything i wanted including a new 8.2 megapixel camera for $89.00
*Final tally: I couldn't even tell you but I bought Guitar Hero 3 for hubby for our PS3 on bonorattle's suggestion. Also picked up Sonic/Mario Olympics for the Wii
*Nothing makes me feel better then standing in line with a hundred stressed out parents and the bustle of conversations halting when you mention that you have not only a PS3 but also a Wii. The daggers were being sent my way. I was hated.
*Took a nap and then went and finally got my hair done. It's been over 6 months since a cut. She removed almost 5 inches and added red streaks to my blonde. I love it!

*More shopping and got $12.67 back for my hubby's "Call of Duty 4" that went on sale Friday after it was purchased Wednesday
*Had Janet's daughter over to play with my step daughter. I now know who the Jonas Brothers are. I wish I didn't!
*Finally talked to bonorattle after 3 days of nothing but texting. I missed her so much!

-----Sunday/Football Day
*Went to my first NFL Jaguars game in years (about 3 I think) 
*So much fun, we played the Buffalo Bills (my hometown)
*I have sunburn.
*So much Hugh goodies of the candid variety posted in hughbunnies ended a long Hugh drought. It is lovely.

 *Fuck, back to work

1. Who's the last person to make you smile? My son calling out Momma from his bedroom

2. Who's the last person you had a sleepover with? Ummm, I can't even remember.

3. Who's the last person to disappoint you? My husband for being such a damn grouch

4. Who's the next person you'll have a sleepover with? Probably bonorattle and starleigh and I can't wait

5. Do you use lyrics to express how you feel? I listen to lyrics accorsing to how I feel. I use words to express how I feel usually profane ones

6. Who is always there for you? My mommy

7. Who was the last person you yelled at? My husband

8. What's for dinner? I was tailgating. I think my Aunt is taking us out tomorrow night

9. Do you ride roller coasters? Compulsively and excitedly

10. Do you like to sing? Yes, in my car I sing those songs like I wrote them

11. Are you happy right now? I suppose

12. Do you regret anything that you have done? One thing yes, I regret it every day of my life.

13. Do you trust people? Not very much anymore, life has hardened me a bit

14. What is something you do when you're mad? I get extremely quiet and cold towards people.

15. Have you ever cried from being so mad? Just about daily

16. Do you like messages or comments better? Either

17. Have you ever seen your best friends cry? Out of frustration or sorrow, yes

18. Are most of your friends guys or girls? I have a nice mix of both

19. Last piercing you got? Ears

20. Do you get distracted easily? I love Dr. House....wait, what was the question?

21. Have you ever tee-peed someones house? Nope but I did go egging

22. What's your favorite beverage? Coca-cola and water

23. What does your 5th text message in the inbox say? Why? (No seriously, that is the message)

24. Miss someone? Everyday

25. Do you know what you want to do with your life? SOmetimes, I mean i've pretty much cornered myself into my furture now

26. How long does it take you to get ready to go out? Not long, I'm so low maintenence. Plus when you have a kid there is no going out and looking nice

27. Where's the closest hoodie to you right now? In the hall closet, a gray velour hoodies and gray Spongebob Universal Studios one

28. What restaurant do you think has the Best French Fries? Any that actually cut ad cook real from potatoes fries

29. When is the last time you played the board game Clue? About 5 years ago before hubby outlawed it in the house

30. Name 1 sport you play/played? Volleyball, I kick ass

31. Who did you last get in an argument with? My better half

32. Do you think you could live without your cell phone? I actually like not having one

33. Where is your dad right now? Watching over me

34. How many people do you know of named Adam? My first true love

35. How about Stephanie? Not too many

36. What was the last thing you burnt? Some french fries

37. What was the last thing you did? Replied to bonorattle's LJ

38. Who was the last person you texted? See person above

39. What was the last picture you took? One of my new hair style

40. Would you ever dye your hair red? I have red hghlights now.

41. What career would you wish to be in? A research psychologist

42. Do you want a well paying job or a job you enjoy? Both

43. What did you wear today? Teal tank top, khaki bermuda shorts, jaguars visor and nicole ritchie sunglasses

44. When were you last on your phone? About an hour ago

45. Do you like hugs? Love em

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