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Last post tonight I swear

 Sorry for the rampant spammage tonight, I'm hyper, I can't control it and I have crazy amounts to say most of which mean absolutely nothing.

I'm watching "Informed Consent" 

God great episode, I had forgotten how amazing it is. 

House playful
The teenage chick
The Ducklings.
House acting like a real doctor and doing whatever it takes to care for the patient
Cameron, she really shines in the episode
And most importantly, the moral dilemma of it all. It strikes close to home because of what happened regarding the situation surrounding my father's hospitalization and death.

This is now honestly up there as one of my Top 10 favorite episodes. 

Now if I could only stop crying.

Off to fill out Christmas cards.

My deepest apologies for my freakage tonight, I do love you all  :)

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