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Spending a Tuesday evening snuggled up with Stephen Fry

It's honestly delightful to sit on my couch and have a mini Stephen Fry Fest. I don't do it nearly often enough, I've got to tell myself that sometimes I need to do something for me. It's odd that his voice and glorious use of language is one of the few things that has a calming effect on me.

I'm starting with the re-run of Bones in which Stephen plays Gordan Gordan Wyatt
-I am now remembering why I was so furious at my husband for deleting Stephen's guest starring role on Bones.

Followed by Part 2 of HIV and Me.
-I cannot recommend this documentary any more strongly. I spoke at length today about it at work. We literally had an hour discussion and I haven't even viewed Part 2 yet. It is a brutally honest, unflinching and caring view of the state of the world in regards to AIDS and how today's youth, as represented by the younger British population, really does not comprehend or seemily care about what unsafe sex/drug use/etc can do to you. It gives you a life sentence, it is NOT glamourous and NO ONE is immune.
*It's especially heartbreaking to watch Stephen with his former partner from his Cambridge days that is now infected and mostly blind due to the disease. 

bonorattle I am running behind my dear, Still finishing Bones. Mikey just went down. It'll be after 10 if that's ok?


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