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My life is a music set to motion..................

  Comment on this post and i'll give you a band. Don't worry, I'll make it one you know and love. You put your ten favorite songs by that band on your lj and in reply to the comment, then challenge others to do the same.

bonorattle gave me Nine Inch Nails and The Who

Let's delve a little into the psyche of a the seemingly perfect life of a blue eyed blonde girl..........

Nine Inch Nails

1) Reptile - The Downward Spiral.This song wrecks me, so sexy
2) Terrible Lie - Pretty Hate Machine, to this day I connect with and scream out this song.
3) Suck - Track #99 on The Broken EP
4) Closer - The Downward Spiral Because who doesn't want to hear a man say "I want to fuck you like and animal"?
5) Happiness in Slavery - Broken EP (I will try not to include every song off this album)
6) Only - With Teeth, brilliant piece of music and just totally kick ass.
7) The Wretched - The Fragile, This song live is even more amazing.
8) Something I can never have - Pretty Hate Machine, hauntingly beautiful
9) Last - Wish, actually my favorite version is from the Remix EP "Fixed" 
10) Down in it - Pretty Hate Machine. Just a kick ass song.

I was introduced to "The Who" when I was 5, the love affair has never stopped.

1) Boris the Spider - My cousin used to sing it to me while reading "Mickey Mouse and the Haunted House"
2) Baba O'Riley - Do I really need to explain?
3) Eminence Front - The musicality of this song is unbelievable
4) Real Good Looking Boy - It's a beautiful song.
5) Love Reign O'er Me - The passion of this song gets me.
6) Magic Bus - Just Fun
7) Won't Get Fooled Again - My Rock Anthem
8) The Kids Are All Right - Just love
9) The Seeker
10) Bargain

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