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12 Things That Make Me Happy meme and various Hughsday ramblings

So excited today, this Hughsday episode is "Merry Little Chritmas" Hands down this episode is in my Top 3.  Hugh is amazing, no wait, that's too weak of a word, Hugh is an absolute revelation in this episode. The various stages and emotions he conveys is beyond belief. Plus my favorite House/Cameron moment occurs here.

I believe I have finally for the most part recovered from my mental collapse last week. I am motivated to do more than just care for my son and myself. The house is coming together, presents are getting wrapped (and sent out), cards are finished, and most importantly bills have been paid.

I bought Sense and Sensibility on Sunday and Love Actually (hence the icon) I have loved the first movie since it came out on screen, not to mention that pesky character actor in there, what's his name again? MR. Palmer....Hugh Something.  I've never seen Love Actually, I can't wait to view it.

I'm a little late to the table with this but I am in absolute shock that our little community that could hughbunnies is up above 100 members now. To say that I am in awe and appreciative would be an understatement.

Onto the meme. As taken from angidas 
12 Things That Make Me Happy

1) The laughter from my child. Nothing will ever compare to that sound.
2) The unbridled joy on a child's face the first time you take them to Walt Disney World.
3) Laying in bed with my husband with my head resting on that spot beneath his shoulder. I fit perfectly there.
4) My family, they may drive me crazy but I am fortunate to be related to such wonderful people.
5) My friends (in person or over LJ) 
6) Having fun and gushing over Hugh Laurie. Is it silly, yes but also so much fun. Not to mention he's so easy to gush over.
7) Writing, it may seem like an odd thing to be happy over but nothing matches the feeling of accomplishment that occurs when you put sweat and tears into a passage and people compliment you on how much they love it.
8) My dogs and cats. Pure, unadulterated love from something that doesn't ask for really anythjing in return goes a long way.
9) Christmas
10) Being blessed with an amazing life that at times I seem to be unappreciative of but that I shall try never to take for granted again.
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