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It's been a few days, a little Hughness, a little Houseness and a little Thank You

 I'm afraid to say that I really am not feeling in the Christmas spirit, I have no idea why. I'm just kind of blah; I'm tired, unmotivated and uninspired. That within itself sucks majorly but when you add that Christmas is a scant few days away, that sucks big giant monekey balls!!

I have to give the largest of shout outs to all the lovelies on my flist that have sent me a Christmas card, it's so numerous Im afraid to list you all in case I forget a name out of my sheer stupidity. Let me just say that I am forever grateful and will be thinking of you all each time I look up at my entrance way (Where the cards are taped up)

Congrats to the amazing Hugh Laurie for garnering yet another award nomination, this time a SAG. Good news in addition to his nomination is that although the Golden Globes and Oscars have not been pitied by the WGA, the SAG awards have been granted a waiver and the show will go on :)

These pictures have gone above and beyond making my day!

A million thank you's to dibacelar and others who have posted them

While the above picture is darling (even though I can't figure why House is wearing those shoes) the picture below pwns me for life....

And can I close this entry by saying to my lovely bonorattle and starleigh 
I don't know what I have done correctly in my life to deserve your friendships (and all my flist for that matter) but I am forever grateful for you. I love you :)

My Christmas presents from these lovely ladies:
Jasper from  bonorattle and the beautiful Hugh and Stephen at Cambridge mug from starleigh

A goodnight/good morning to you all and thank you for everything :D
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